Wednesday, February 11, 2015

#2 Updating How you Apply

If you would like your store, located on this site please fill out the application located here:

*Applier Addicts Manager: LoganStone McMasters
  Applier Addicts Owner: Trishie Luckless

Designer Notice Requirements

►You will also be sent a group invite where you will be able to post about products and it will be required that you have an Applier Addicts Info board located in your store near the front entrance.

►You will also be able to post products/pictures about enchancements in our flickr
►You will get notice rights in our group that are applier based notices

►Group Name: Applier Addicts
    ►SL Group Key: Applier Addicts Group
    ►Flickr:Applier Addicts Flickr

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