❤Applier Designers❤

~Candy's Designs~ - Candy Faudeburgh
                                       ~Candy's Designs~ Blog
                                       ~Candy's Designs~ Facebook
                                        products - Slink Nails

-. HoD. - Haus of Darcy - HausofDarcy Resident or aydan darcy
                                              -. HoD. - Haus of Darcy Blog
                                              -. HoD. - Haus of Darcy Flickr
                                               products - Tango, WowMeh, SLink Hands, SLink Feet, SLink   Physique (Upcoming Release), Phat Azz, Cute Azz
-{ZOZ}- - Zozicon
                     -{ZOZ}- Blog
                     -{ZOZ}- Flickr
                     -{ZOZ}- marketplace
                    products - Slink Polish for hands and feet
-Nomi- - m8229mn
                    -Nomi- Flickr
                    products - hands, feet
-POUDRE- - Ambra Hoxley
                          -POUDRE- Site
                          -POUDRE- Flickr
                          -POUDRE- facebook
                          products - -POUDRE- features HUD's Appliers complatibles with Lolas Tango :::, [d] Lush Breasts, *L.inc* Phat Azz, [Banned] Booty, .Loud Mouth., AMD Baby Bump, Slink Hands, Slink Feet, Slink Physique, *KL* Lena Body, ~WowMeh Body, #TMP Body, [Banned] Dea Body, *!* EVE Body, Maitreya Lara Body.
:{WEAPONIZED SUGAR}: - weaponizedsugar
                                                      :{WEAPONIZED SUGAR}: Blog
                                                      :{WEAPONIZED SUGAR}: Flickr
                                                      :{WEAPONIZED SUGAR}: marketplace
                                                       products - Omega, Slink (physique, hands, feet, nails), Loud Mouth, PXL SweetLips, Lolas Tangos, Phat Azz I have devkits for EVE and Maitreya (although I do not use them because Omega exists, but will if I make something not covered by Omega). I also have an application pending with TMP.
::CERTIFYE:: - nvlish garnet
                                ::CERTIFYE:: Flickr
                                 products - tmp / omega /  slink / physique . old items will be by request only
::Dirty Cupcake:: - Theda Wytchwood
                                    ::Dirty Cupcake:: - Flickr
::kDm:: - ookDmoo Resident
                    ::kDm:: - Blog
                    ::kDm:: - Flickr
                    products - hands and feet
                                     products - Lolas, Phat and Cute Azz and soon amd Baby Bump
.::PiNK CHERRY::. - CrusHer Mills - JaneDark Miles
                                        .::PiNK CHERRY::. Blog
                                        .::PiNK CHERRY::. Flickr
                                        products - Slink Nail Appliers & Shoes
..::KnocKeRs::.. - DitaLamour
                                 ..::KnocKeRs::.. Flickr
                                 ..::KnocKeRs::.. facebook
                                 products - Boobs and ass
►.::American Hunni::. - hunnidaniels
                                    .::American Hunni::. Blog
                                    .::American Hunni::. Flickr
                                    .::American Hunni::. facebook
                                     products - Omega and Slink currently. I have applied for TMP.
.:.parigO.:. - Othillie
                        .:.parigO.:. Flickr
                           products - SLINK Physique, Phat azz, Perfect Bum,  Banned booty, Lena body, Wowmeh, Lolas Tango and Brazilia ass, Brazilia doll appliers. SLINK Feet shoes.
.::WoW Skins::. -  sawsan secretspy
                                  .::WoW Skins::. Blog
                                  .::WoW Skins::. Flickr
                                  products - Appliers for Skins & Feet 
.: Zanzibar creationZ :. - Arora Zanzibar
                                  .: Zanzibar creationZ :. Blog
                                  .: Zanzibar creationZ :. flickr
                                   products - SLink Nails, Slink Physique, Lolas Tango, Lush Mesh Breasts, Phat/Cute Azz, Toddleedoo
► :.::Hot Stuff::.: - Pixxelz Resident
                                 :.::Hot Stuff::.: Blog
                                 :.::Hot Stuff::.: flickr
                                 products - Boobies, Ass, Slink hands, Slink feets - Clothes & Skins
*CH* Design - Yaelis
                              *CH* Design Blog
                              *CH* Design Flickr
                              *CH* Design facebook
                              products - Boobies, Azz, Slink Hands/Feet
*pulcino* - piyogorou Aichi
                       *pulcino* Blog
                       *pulcino* Flickr
                        products - (hand and foots)
*PF::Pearl Fashion - Lindalis1
                         *PF::Pearl Fashion Blog
                         *PF::Pearl Fashion Flickr
                         *PF::Pearl Fashion marketplace
                         products - Boobs,hands,feet,ass(soon will start working with baby bump too)
*Sinful Curves* Skins - Stephanie Fishnet
            *Sinful Curves* Skins Blog
            *Sinful Curves* Skins Flickr
            products - Boobs, ass, hands, feet
*Tori-Tastic* - Victoria Mac Fanatic
                               *Tori-Tastic* Blog
                               *Tori-Tastic* Flickr
                               products -  slink fingernail appliers
*ZD* Zhora Design - Andrea Zhora
                                        http://zhoradesign.blogspot.mx/ Blog
                                        https://www.facebook.com/ZhoraDesign facebook
                                        https://www.facebook.com/groups/ZD.ZhoraDesign/ facebook
                                       products - Tango B-Busty Phat Azz Brazilia
*** rojo *** Body Shop - Roja Larnia
            *** rojo *** Body Shop Blog
            *** rojo *** Body Shop Blog Marketplace
            products - Lolas/ Lush/ Phat Azz/ Puffy / Slink Feet and Hands/ Loud Mouth
<3 Lolita  - Missqwerty Pevensey
             <3 Lolita Blog
{.::GalaFashionDesign::.} - Galactia Emerald
            {.::GalaFashionDesign::.} Blog
            {.::GalaFashionDesign::.} Flickr
{Miss Bubblegum} - VamPanda Destiny
                                        {Miss Bubblegum} Flickr
                                        products - Lolas, Azz, Slink
{PixelGeek} - Nena Bowdit
            {PixelGeek} Flickr
            products -Boobies, nails for slink hands and feet, ass
{POSH PIXELS} - VampirePam Resident
                                     {POSH PIXELS} Blog
                                     {POSH PIXELS} Flickr
                                      products - #TheMeshProject, Slink, (Maitreya and Belleza coming soon)
{The Boobies Planet} discount room - divain resident
                                                                 {The Boobies Planet}- Blog 
                                                                 {The Boobies Planet}- Flickr
                                                                  products - is a discount room for breasts implants, several designers be weekly show us ther items all between 40-80L$
|D.L.Z| - Mikhayla13
                   |D.L.Z| - Blog
                   |D.L.Z| - Flickr
                   products Boobs, SLink hands & Feet, Loud Mouth, Phat/Cute Azz
||Kidz Clozet|| - Arora Zanzibar
                              ||Kidz Clozet|| Blog
                              ||Kidz Clozet|| Flickr
                              products - Toddleedoo
[AsYLUM] - Roc Neiro
            [AsYLUM] Blog
! Beautiful Dangerous ! - AngelEyes Foxtrot
                                             ! Beautiful Dangerous ! Blog
                                             ! Beautiful Dangerous ! Flickr
                                             products - boobs, hands, feet, ass, mouth
[ Nailed Down ] - Despero Windstorm
                                     [ Nailed Down ] Blog
                                     [ Nailed Down ] facebook
                                    products - Slink Nails
[WellMade] - Thidelly
                            [WellMade] facebook
                            products - Belleza, Lena, Maitreya, Omega, Slink and TMP.
!Lilicious - Lilly Herberg
AIDOR U - jaraloy swords or jaja zarco
                        AIDORU Flickr
                        products - WOWMEH LOLAS PHATAZZ (few) SLINK PHYSIQUE
► AppleTini - CinnamonApplePie69
Apple Tini facebook
                      products - Nail Polish Appliers for: Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and Omega
Ama. - Amadeo Dubratt
                  Ama. marketplace
                  products - SLink Nails, hands, feet, and WowMeh
Amber-licious Designs - Amberlee Adder 
                                               Amber-licious Designs Blog
                                               Amber-licious Designs Flickr
                                               products - Boobs, hands, feet, ass, mouth, baby bump,
A Moment's Beauty - Tyme4U
                                        A Moment's Beauty Blog
                                        A Moment's Beauty Flickr
                                        products - Slink modifications to nails and hands, more to come
Artizana -   Dainie Fraina
                        Artizana facebook
                        Artizana Flickr 1Flickr 2
                        products -
b[ELLE]issima! & SlutBacon - Elle74 Zaftig
                                                       products - Boobs, for now, just applied for SLINK
Bad Apple Designs - Vyper Wasp
                                       products - Boobs, Hands, Feet, Ass,
Baileys - Roslyn1 Bailey
                   products - Lola Tango, Slink, Phat Azz
beauty is pain boutique - dyminbeauty
                                             beauty is pain boutique Flickr 
                                              products - Azz,Tango,Slink,Omega,Maitreya
Blak Virus - Kylie Ohmai
                             Blak Virus facebook
                             products - Boobs, ass,
BLASPHEMIC - DarkerIntention Resident
                                         BLASPHEMIC Flickr
                                         BLASPHEMIC FaceBook
BLINDED - ysmaystark
                         BLINDED Blog
                         products Phat Azz/Tangos/L'Uomo/Slink
BOMBSHELL - Pleiades Constantine
                                Flickr BOMBSHELL
                                 products - boobs, hands, feet, ass, wowmeh,slink physique,lena lush
Bows~n~Butterflies - MarissaLayne
                                        Bows~n~Butterflies - MP 
Cazimi - Dima Plessis
                                        Cazimi Blog
                                        Cazimi Flickr
                                        products -   Slink
Cerri's Booty - cerridwen lynagh
                                        Blog Cerri's Booty
                                        Marketplace Cerri's Booty
                                        products - Maitreya,slink,Omega
Chic & Shoes - Ona Loire
                                        Chic & Shoes Blog
                                        Chic & Shoes Flickr
                                        Chic & Shoes Facebook
                                        Chic & Shoes Marketplace
                             Products - Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, TMP, N-Core
Cleavage (Blogger Manager -Bullet Jupiter)
          (Breast implant focused mall, hosting Going Bust, Lubbly Jubblies and many hunts/special events.)
           Cleavage Flickr
           Cleavage Blog
CLOUT -  simonenoir
                      CLOUT Blog
                      CLOUT   marketplace
                       products - boobs, azz, feet and hands
Ch's - Maribel Yootz
                 Ch's Blog
                 Ch's Flickr
                 products -Boobies: Lolas Tango & Puffy; Hands: slink; Feet: Slink; Ass: L.inc & Banned; Bodies: WowMeh & Slink
Daisy's Closet - Daisy Rioccan
                              Daisy's Closet Filckr
                               products - Maitreya, physique, venus, omega, wowmeh, ghetto booty, Lola's
Deluxe Body Factory - Lutricia Roux
                                          Deluxe Body Factory Blog
                                          Deluxe Body Factory Flickr
products - Lola Tango/Mirage, SLINK hands, SLINK feet, SLINK Visage, SLINK nails, Phat Azz, Baby Bump
Designs by Shalenda - Shalenda Littlebird
                                         products - Boobs and PASS skins for small mesh avatars (working on
                                         adding hands and feet, application is in progress)
Diamond Style - Cristal Triellis or DiamondStyle Resident
                                    Diamond Style Blog 
                                    Diamond Style flickr
                                    products - boob,hands,feet,booty
DivahZ Couture - iMsQueen
                                   DivahZ Couture Facebook
                                   DivahZ Couture Flickr
                                 products - Omega, Maitreya, Belleza, Brazilia Doll, Brazilia, Slink Physique, TMP
Elle & Gance - ElleEtGance
                              products -  Lolas Tango Applier/WowMeh Applier / (in a futur Phat Azz and SLink feets and hands)
Envie - Mylie Foxclaw 
                   Envie Flickr
                   Envie facebook Mylie Foxclaw
                   Envie facebook
                   Envie Pinterest
                   products - nail appliers for slink hands and feet.
F'n'H ( f'n'hawt) - Melanie Jaehun
              products - Boobs, bums, bodies, hands, feet and any applier the clothing i make needs and any requested by customers lol
Faboo - grizel halberstadt
            Faboo Blog
            Faboo Flickr
            products - tango and phat azz
► Fine Designzz - Mrsdivalovee resident
                               Fine Designzz Marketplace
                               Fine Designzz Blog
                               products - Phatazz, Ghetto booty and Lola
Flair - Sasy Scarborough
            Flair Blog
            products - Slink Avatar Enhancement Appliers - Nails, Stockings
GAALL - moonshine Allerhand
                      GAALL facebook
                      products - #TMP, Maitreya, Beeleza, EVE and Slink
 H.E.D. - Lyllianna McCallen
                    H.E.D. Flikr
                    H.E.D. marketplace
                    products - boobies
Hello Dave - Maia Gasparini
            Hello Dave Flickr
            products - Nail appliers for Slink hands and feet
The Higher Coordinates - Doktor Seuss
                                               products - currently Slink and Omega clothing/tattoos, have several other kits I am working on including the new [Banned] body which also uses the Omega appliers.  Then to learn mesh and start on those kits.
Hugo's Design Latex - HugosDesignLatex
                                        Hugo's Design Latex Blog
                                        Hugo's Design Latex Flickr
                                        Hugo's Design Latex Marketplace
                                        products - Lola's, Phat Azz, Ghetto Booty, SLink hands & feet but we're working towards Wowmeh, 
Imagine Skins and Fashion - Morrigan Bellic
                                                   products - Lolas, Brazilia, Phat Azz, Tatas, WowMeh
                                                                       (will soon be doing Busty Gal as well)
i`pitǝmē - Toy Wiskee
                      i`pitǝmē Flickr
                      i`pitǝmē marketplace
                      products - Phat Azz, Ghetto Booty, Brazilia, Perfect BUM, Lolas, BabyBump,
                      Slink, nails, tatts, hosiery
JanNe D2 Fashion - janne tripsa
                                      products - slink and wowmeh
► Jaolhin Heart Creations - AlenoraM
 Jaolhin Heart Creations Marketplace:
                                       products - Slink, Omega, Maitreya and EVE
JayGee - JayGee2 Vollmar
                     products -  OMEGA, Slink
JUMBLE - Sybilla Silverweb
                                     JUMBLE marketplace
                                     JUMBLE facebook
 KaliKo Timeless - Kaliope Karas  
                                    KaliKo Timeless [ Store 1]
                                    KaliKo Timeless [ Store 2]
                                    KaliKo Timeless [ Store 3]
                                    KaliKo Timeless  Marketplace
                                    products - OMEGA, Slink Physique, and Lena Appliers.
Kharanee's Clothing - Kharanee
                                        Kharanee's Clothing Blog
                                        Kharanee's Clothing Flickr
                                        products - boobs and ass
►Kitty's Claws - kittyrevolver
                             Kitty's Claws marketplace
                             Kitty's Claws Blog
                             products - Slink Nail
►L!KE -tAyLa Peapod
            more info coming
►L.A. COSMETICS - Ayzah Destiny
                                        L.A. COSMETICS marketplace
LIVIA - Ayanna Breen
                    LIVIA Filckr
                    products - Nail Appliers for Slink Hands/Feet & Omega enabled bodies, Sweetlips Appliers
Love N Lust Designs - chellynne bailey
                                         Love N Lust Designs blog
                                         Love N Lust Designs Flickr
                                         products - Tango, Phat Azz, Omega
LURE - Nethya Emor
                  LURE Flickr
                  products - #TheMeshProject, Azz Baby, Bump, Belleza Brazilia, Lena, Loud Mouth,    Maitreya, Omega, Slink, Tango,
Lushish Catz - Kayshla Aristocrat
                            Lushish Cate Blog
                            Lushish Cate Flickr
                             products - boobies, ass , slink for socks/stockings , body mesh for Lena
lunamoon's Creations Shop - luna Lafleur
                                                      lunamoon's Creations Shop Flickr
                                                      Boobs, Hands, Feet, Ass, Lola's Tango and Mirage,
                                                      Phat Azz  and Cute Azz, planning to ad more..
MIAMAI - Monica Outlander & Pill Kanto Miamai owners & designers
Shae Sixpence CMO & Head Model of Miamai
Kalia Anatine Store Manager & CSR  of Miamai 
                                       MIAMAI Blog
                                       MIAMAI Flickr
                                       MIAMAI facebook
                                       MIAMAI Plurk
                                      products - slink, lolas tango, soon phat/cute azz
Nail Me - Meranda Gloom
                      Nail Me Flickr
                      products - Nail appliers for hands and feet

New Look ZDB - Constantinos Zuta
                                       New Look MarketPlace

Nonage - Destany Magic
                     Nonage Blog
                     Nonage facebook
                     Nonage Flickr
                     products - Lolas/Lush, SLink Nails, The Shops MeshHead Lipsticks
M&M incorporated - Mystyre Sapphire
                                                           M&M incorporated blog
                                                           M&M incorporated Flickr
                                                           products - Omega, TMP, SLink
NYW (New York Warehouse) - Krystina Pausch
                                                           NYW (New York Warehouse) Marketplace
                                                           products - Slink Nail Appliers, Slink Shoes,
TAOX TATTOO - 0Claudia0 Novaland - Mohand Sabra
 products - Phat azz / Brazilia / Banned Booty / Ghetto Booty / Perfect Bump
Brazilia Doll / TheMeshProject / Slink Physique / Wowmeh / Lena Lush Lolas Tango / Slink Hands / Slink feets / Sking Da Face / Baby Bump  and more soon
Perfection - JoFCUK
             Perfection Flickr
              products -Baby Bump, Phat Azz, Lola's, Slink
Phat Bottom Girls - Tara Mellison
                                     products - Tango & Phat Azz
Pretty-N-Pink - Kimmy Humby
                               Pretty-N-Pink Flickr
                               products - Omega,eve
PINK HUSTLER - Luka Hauster
            PINK HUSTLER Blog
            PINK HUSTLER Facebook
            products -breasts/booty/hand/feet
Pink Pearl Designs - Pinkness Pearl
            Pink Pearl Designs Blog
            Pink Pearl Designs Flickr
Pink Sugah - Tara Asamoah
             Pink Sugah Blog
             Pink Sugah Flickr
             products -Verious boobs, brazilia and Phat Azz
PiZazz Couture - Brajeet
                                 PiZazz Couture Blog
                                 PiZazz  Couture Flickr
                                  products -TMP & TMP Mesh Head, Slink Physique, Omega, Maitreya, Belleza, Lena Lush, Lena Perky, and the new Lelutka Mesh Head.
Poison - Corocota Torok
                   Poison Flickr
                   Poison facebook
                   products - Omega System Maitreya SLink Hand/Feet & Pysique Belleza TMP Lelutka Head Altamura Mesh Avatars
The Phoenix Collections
            The Phoenix Collections Blog
            The Phoenix Collections Flickr
The Plastik - Aikea Rieko
            The Plastik Blog
            The Plastik Flickr/
Random Indulgence - Sozome
                                       products - Omega Slink TMP Maitreya
Tchelo's - tchelos
                      Tchelo's Blog
                      Tchelo's Flickr
                      products - boobs, hands, feet, ass, mouth, baby bump
TOXIC BISH - ToxicBish Mode
                               TOXIC BISH Blog    
                               TOXIC BISH Flickr
                               products - Boobs and ass and i want start with hands and feet
Tw@ttyC@ke - Shattered Axel
            Tw@ttyC@ke Flickr
            Tw@ttyC@ke Blog
Ravnous - Ravnous Resident
            Ravnous Blogg
            Ravnous Flickr
Sage - Sage Pexie
                products - Omega, Slink, Maitreya, Belleza and Lola Tango
Sense-Able Fashions - Lysa Helendale
                                          Sense-Able Fashions marketplace
                                          Sense-Able Fashions flickr
                                          products - Slink, Hands / Feet Nail polish currently,
                                                  working on creating my first shoes slowly
sexZ - Kantatas Resident
            sexZ Blog
            sexZ Flickr
            sexZ Flickr 2(cleavage)
            products -boobs, ass
Slumber Pajama Store - Shanti DeSantis
                                           products - Lolas Tango Appliers
(Phat/Cute Azz, Bannedm G. Inc (Perefect Bum), Ghetto Booty and Brazilia with the current updates.
Shady Ladies - Ami Deceit & Blanchefleur Reynaud 
                             Shady Ladies Flickr
                             products - Slink Nail's Hands & Feet
Shei Shape & Skin Bellissimas Design - shailla potez
                                             Shei Shape & Skin Bellissimas Design Facebook
                                             Shei Shape & Skin Bellissimas Design Flickr
                                             Shei Shape & Skin Bellissimas Design Blog
                                             products -Maitreya,belleza venus,sking tango,phatazz
 Slipper - EllePolygon  
                          Slipper Blog
                          Slipper Flickr
                           products Working on my first clothing appliers for slink,maitreya,belleza mesh bodies
SMASH - aboutface
                      products - Omega - SLink - The Mesh Project
Splash Effects - BrianKMCO
products - Slink, eBody, Maitreya Clothing layers and Slink Nails
Stargazer Creations - Aggie Mactavish / StargazerCreationsStore
                                         Stargazer Creations facebook
                                         Stargazer Creations Flickr
                                      products - boobs, hands, feet, ass, mouth, baby bump
 Sweet Evil - Kelli Sideways
                          Sweet Evil Blog
                          Sweet Evil Flickr
                          Sweet Evil Facebook
                          Sweet Evil slxconnect                          
                           products - Omega, Slink, TMP, Maitreya, Wow Meh, Azz, Lola's, pretty much
whatever is needed.
 Sweet Temptations - Sarai Kruh
                                       Sweet Temptations - facebook
                                       products - #TMP, Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, EVE
Que Bella! - Issybella Quintessa
           Que Bella! Flickr -
Quintessencia Store - Aleehssandra Moonites
            Quintessencia Store Facebook
            Quintessencia Store Flickr
U:Refined {U.R.} Fashion Designs - Rita Hazelnut
           U:Refined {U.R.} Fashion Designs Blog
           U:Refined {U.R.} Fashion Designs Blog 2
           U:Refined {U.R.} Fashion Designs Facebook
           U:Refined {U.R.} Fashion Designs Flickr
           products - Boobs/ass Tango/L.inc
Unforgettable Temptations - Trina Stromfield
                         Unforgettable Temptations Blog
                         Unforgettable Temptations Flickr
products - Lola Tango,Slink Hands,Slink Feet,phat azz/cute azz,Mailtreya,Belleza
Vaxer - Neska Vaher
                  Vaxer facebook
                  products -  #TMP, Maitreya Lara, Belleza, Slink, Omega
Vibe Inc. - Katrinaah Byron
                      Vibe Inc. - marketplace
                       products - boobs, hands, feet, ass, baby bump
ViVi - vixtris
                ViVi Blog
                ViVi Flickr 
               products - boobies, ass, hands, feet, mouth, baby
VooDoo Dollz - Palemonia 
                               VooDoo Dollz Blog
                               products - Lolas, Phat azz, Cute Azz, Slink,
Vyperz - Kallee Vyper
                    products - Boobs, Ass,Slink Hands & Feet,
WickedNight - Asylum Miggins
                              WickedNight  Blog
                              WickedNight  Flickr
                              products - Tango, Mirage, L.inc Azz
The Whoreshop! - Deb3ie
                                   The Whoreshop!Facebook
                                   The Whoreshop!Flickr
                                   The Whoreshop!Blog
                                   products - Maitreya, Belleza, Banned, Slink, and soon, The mesh Project,
zOOm design Store - LaRosedeMai
                                        products - boobs, ass, mesh body

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