❤Applier Tips❤

#1 Rule: ALWAYS KEEP A BACK UP (suggestion never delete your original box)

Helpful Applier Tips for Boobies:
       ► The black ugly line I so call it, a quick easy tip, sometimes you might get this black outline on the edge of the applier well a simple trick is if you actually transparent the layer, shirt or bra, just right click, edit link part select face, then click your boobs again or the layer you want transparent, click on the Texture tab and then you will see on the right side transparency if you will set that to "1" it will make that line look softer and blend in. (sometimes SL maybe switch it back to "0" but just repeat what I just told you.

       ► Another idea I saw on another blog is make a copy of the boobies you have already matched the skin for in that particular skin folder, but a lot of skin creators are starting to make skin appliers as well. Skin appliers work pretty much the same way as the above directions.

       ► Just a side note this was all based on me testing out each one I had a few misses before I got it pretty perfected. I don't claim to be an expert at all, this was just be trying to be a little helpful with what I learned about Boobies.

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